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everyone’s abilities are functions

I was rather convinced everyone’s abilities are functions based on case studies of my own not taught in college. Just in the past few mins I had looked up on the Britannica website that functions involve rules and laws which are part of controlled western society. This is in order to establish people will fight gods principal of free will where you are a moving variable. The reason I understand god making binary on earth part of everything with mathematical probability is the concept of Karma. All matter has attached to our earth including air. All variables are your choices which could be controlled by the devil or chosen by you through free will. People who break the law are not always able to control their actions in general with the Free Will concept. I then need to go to church to make my own decisions if you know what I mean. Psychics and Hippies are controlled by greater forbidden forces and they are of the devil unfortunately. It’s your choice to ouiji but there board is moving through you making a bad decision to play. Talking the dead is not a good thing to do to spirits of the other side and might result in bad luck. Be on the safe side and don’t purchase objects of occult. I have theory that like the number 13 these will bring bad luck to you and we all know too well bad luck includes death.