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Liberal BBQ

Yesterday, I got to talk with Ted Hsu, Mark Gerretsen and some guy my stepdads age who was a dad this afternoon. I only ate 1 small hotdog, a tiny bit of 2 noodle salads and 1 diet coke can. I think our talk went well as I was well composed with the little I had to tell them. Mark Gerretsen remembered me and Ted Hsu seemed to seeing as he emailed me this morning about my public speech on healthy eating to prevent diabetes. The lady at the front check in point remembered talking to me on the phone about volunteering. Ted Hsu will be sworn in on July 14th but I could be wrong as this date could change. The issues Ted Hsu will be combatting are:

  1. Housing and Cost of Living
  2. Climate Crisis
  3. Health and Wellness
  4. Strong Economy
  5. Education and Childcare
  6. Environmental Issues

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