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world conflicts

I think in grade 8 – I made a good decision based on personal viewpoints on world conflicts to not fight in the afghan war, drop out of a military service, start smoking weed, drop out of school unable to work and posting “STOP THE WAR!” on Kijiji to get a military response. I wasn’t convinced the BUSH government wasn’t framing the Taliban to steal gasoline. George Bush may of done you name it. Their American protesters said “NO BLOOD FOR OIL!”. So now were in the decision to work and pay taxes for the next war against Russia. Although I want the conflict to end, I might end up supporting this war through tax efforts confused PUTIN is just after the Ukraine. I’m holding off in the meantime until the media makes this more clear what Vladimir Putin’s cause of war is. Kim Jong-Un has shaken Putin’s hand already. North Korea shouldn’t ally with Russia. Bad idea. If he end’s up with any substantial reason to kill innocent lives I might go back to working to pay military taxes. I know the war in Germany with Adolf Hitler had research on his problem being similar to mine where he was boycott from the job market so they made him a confused politician who killed innocent Jewish lives but this may only be rumored.

** FYI: My DEF. in regard to ethnical reasoning where you should start before entering conflict. “…Co-Operation is commonly met by understanding someone caring who suggests. Police and positions of authority should not order people around telling them to do something until absolutely necessary.”